What is Hollywood Face and Body Waxing Technique Course?

The course objective is to allow students to learn the concept and practical aspect of waxing and its products. Students will receive the best product for waxing from Caron Lab Australia, in which will allow them to learn a proper and correct way to use it during the waxing procedures. These procedures will thus allow students to learn more about “Biotouch Techniques” such as waxing different parts of the body, safety procedures techniques, and practical aspect of aftercare.


This course includes:

Students will receive:

Why you should choose Biotouch?

How many days is
this course?

This is a 1 days course

How much
is this course?

This course is 12,500 THB

to know

**If student choose to take our private class (1 on 1) an additional fee of 20,000 baht is added to the group prices.**

What will you do each day?

Day 1: Morning Session

From 09:30 am – 13:00 PM you will be having an “Essential Training” where you will be learning all about Biotouch’s company, the courses we teach, the products we use, all about safety, Government regulation and international standards. Besides tat you will get to learn the theory of waxing and the products we use.

Day 1: Afternoon Session

After the “Essential Traning”, you will be having lunch for 1 hour. After lunch you will learn the professional techniques of the waxing procedure. You will learn how to prepare your work station, how to prepare your waxing equipment. How to wax each part of the body.

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