Master Students

Biotouch Academy's approved Certified Feather Touch Master Technician that satisfactory accomplish with high level and earn the Worldwide recognition

Master Students Generation 2 (Thailand)

Khun Amaraporn
Khun Apichat
Khun Kawinthip
Miss Leona
Khun Nattipa
Khun Pakamas
Khun Phouthon
Khun Pimchanok
Khun Preeyawan
Khun Puntarik
Khun Raschaneewan
Khun Sasiporn
Khun Toretragoon
Khun Pitchapat
Khun Nuchanart
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Master Student Generation 1 (Philippines)

Miss Tess
Mr. Evangelista
Ms. Mary Jane
Ms. Methushael
Ms. Joy Dadufalza
Ms. Cecille
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What is Master Feather Touch Course?

Are you ready to advance further into your microblading career?

Introducing to you our Master course for Feather Touch, where we teach you one-of-a kind hair stroke techniques using our innovative Biotouch Microblading pens and taught by our Master Instructors from Biotouch USA. Our two day advanced training course is designed for those who are ready to challenge themselves.

Required: This course is ideal for those who have prior knowledge and experience of Microblading to enroll. Must show proof of at least 3-5 pieces of work to enroll.

Why become a Master in Feathertouch?

This exclusive opportunity will help your brand and reputation achieve greater lengths to your career. Leave your legacy as a certified Master in Feather touch.

This course includes:

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Hands-on practice
  • Microblading management
  • The latest & best techniques
  • Practice on paper and Biotouch’s latex
  • Understanding of hair stroke tempering To create symmetrically stunning 3HD/6HD eyebrows
  • Consent forms and liability release documents your clients need to sign
  • Draw the perfect eyebrows shape according to the customer’s features and desires
  • A free Bloodborne Pathogens certification course

Students will receive:

  • Master Bio on our Biotouch web page and unique ID
  • Rights to use Biotouch “Master” gold logo & trademark for self-advertisement and promotional purposes
  • Opportunity to help assist and mentor other students
  • Biotouch marketing and referral program
  • Feather Touch design professional kit
  • Receiving certificate from Biotouch USA
  • Class material & all study manual from USA
  • 5% Discount on all merchandise
  • Lifelong commitment of Biotouch support
  • Free refresher course within 1 year (depending on your time)
  • Upon completion free Bloodborne Pathogens certification course (A partnership with Body Art Training Group ®)

Why you should choose Biotouch?

  • We are expertise in teaching permanent makeup for over 30 years
  • Biotouch provides a formal education through our state of the art facility
  • Biotouch meets all requirements with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department
  • We guide technicians through the process to apply for Body Art Practitioner Registration and Facility Health Permit
  • Covered by safety product liability insurance
  • Provides certificates of sterilization as proof of sterile needles safety products indicate lot # and expiration date for protection
  • CE approved machines
  • FDA approved pigment ingredients for cosmetics use
  • Biotouch pigments are made in the USA
  • The highest success rate for pigment retention
  • High ranking instructors teaching the most updated skills
  • Raised hundreds of thousands of successful technicians

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