Biotouch’s Strawberry and Bright Red Pigment

June 24, 2018

Needle Used

Mosaic: 6 Prong Flat Needle

Pigment Used

Biotouch Strawberry and Bright Red Pigment


Master Artist Khun Arm

Customer Review

“Thank you Master Instructor Khun Arm for my new wonderfull lips!”

Apavadee Kewpaisal

"The best beauty institution in Bangkok...Highly recommended!"

Angelica Saaveedra

"Best training school ever!"

Srisopha Chamruang

"Biotouch Academy, Bangkok has very good service and is very professional!"



Make your lips the center of attention with a bold or softly stained lip tattoo.  Whether you want to enhance your lip shape or to create that heart shaped cupid, our technician can create the desired look you have in mind. This procedure is best recommended for those with darker skin undertones (ex. dark purple or blue) and would like to lighten your color. This may take several procedures, but we guarantee the best lasting results.

Hollywood Natural Lips

฿ 9,500

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