Mosaic Machine Kit 220volt Round



One of our newest machines, the Mosaic accommodates both ROUND and FLAT needles, and a powerful rotatory motor, providing ultra-smooth, noise free operation. The motor section is sealed at the factory so that it can be cold solution sterilized. The Mosiac features an impressive 10,000-rpm, which is great for seasoned technicians that like a smooth and efficient result in a shorter amount of time. A optional foot pedal is also available for hands free speed control.


The benefits of this design are:

  • A better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin
  • Up and down motion is more precise
  • Less damage or traumas to the skin and better healing of area
  • Higher rpm offers technicians smooth results in less time
  • Less touch-ups needed
  • Less fading means more professional results.
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