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We make sure our clients/students will be learning as much as possible and be receiving a service that goes beyond their expectation

"Here is a powerful yet simple rule: always give people more than they expect to get."

Nelson Boswell

We want our clients/students to feel like they are part of the Biotouch Family!

"Had the opportunity to participate in the training at Biotouch. I felt very good, it was very useful to my profession. Thank you to Khun Tida and the team for my new knowledge."

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Karn Sasiporn
Three-dimensional eyebrows Physiognomy(กานต์คิ้วสามมิติ คิ้วสวยเสริมโหงวเฮ้ง)

"Biotouch Academy Bangkok is an institution with international standards that is providing detailed advice and knowledge to us students. The team always has a smile an their faces and are willing to serve."

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Khampan Wongkham

"Excellence institute.
Hight quality.
Nice Process.
Good service.
It is an excellent institution with courses, personnel, technology, tools, equipment, clean techniques, impressive services.
They pay attention to every details and are very sincere in giving good advices to customers
I love Biotouch.
I am Confident with #Biotouch "

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Rockyou IxNam

"I came to Thailand to join the course "Watershine corved BB GLOW". I feel that this technique is happeningvery much this year "2019" in thailand and international. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Ms.Tida for this well organized and meaningful course.
It was a wonderful day, I hope you one day you guys can come to Biotouch Academy, Bangkok one day and enjoy the course to get more technique."

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Coco Pang
Coco Pang International Beauty Academy -Biotouch Student, 2017

"Khun Tida and the team were very attentive to learners and their clients which results to customer satisfaction. Will definitely recommend!"

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Thanya Siriphot

"The Best Beauty Academy in Bangkok...Highly Recommended!!"

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Apavadee Kewpaisal

"I just finished "the Watershine Covered BB GLOW course" with Biotouch in Philippines.
I'm very very happy that finally the LEEN BB Glow is finally here in Philippines.
I wanna reccommand to all artists and to all clients, Its very wonderful technique."

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Janine R. Bacsa
Airbrush & Semi-Permanent Makeup Asrtist -Biotouch Student, 2019

"I recommend everyone to come to study at Biotouch Academy. You can be sure that the money is worth paying for the classes offered at Biotouch. This guarantee will definitely nurture you to become an expert in Permanent Make Up. While also receiving the correct knowledge Safe for both the mechanic and the customer Teaching and learning with international standards which allow you to receive both Thai and foreign clients "

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Kerataya Gif Deesukon

"I love all masters and all the staff here at Biotouch Academy, Bangkok. Moreover I'm impressed with their world class standard here. The master has taught us safety for us and the clients at our work place. I'm very proud of being the student of Biotouch Thailand."

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Glory Siripirom

"Confident in Biotouch and in using Biotouch products!"

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Methinii Tiarawatanasiri

"International Standard & Lovely Academy ."

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Mallika Wiwatthada

"Good teaching and there is no one like them! Because of always being concerned about their customers' safety ."

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Nicky Punnaphaphak

"Biotouch Academy, Bangkok has very good service and is very professional"

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Srisopha Chamruang

"Very professional. What the master taught us was easy to understand. Now, my eyebrows are pretty as well."

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Soda Pichanicha

"Very good experience."

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Robin Sandee

"In the past, I was working in a beauty salon. The income was not enough. So I've saved up to come study at Biotouch. This had changed my life forever. I Love my teacher."

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A Liang

"I'm from มดเอ็กซ์คิ้วสวย3มิติ กทม-สุพรรณบุรี shop (Beautiful 3D eyebrow Bangkok - from Suphan Buri)
I Only use Biotouch color and I have finished the advanced class: Remove-fix tattoos From the Biotouch USA institute."

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Mod Dang

Permanent Makeup Artist

"Friendly staff, professional and generous tutor, high quality training's and products."

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Curves On Fleek

Permanent Makeup Artist

"I love how they focus on everyone’s safety and not just for the sake of earning. I learned a lot during my bloodborne training and the feather touch mini course as well. I know now the difference of being a professional and a technician. I am blessed and will always be proud to be part of the biotouch family!"

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Phylline Lim

"Best training school ever!"

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Angelica Saavedra

"Best in permanent make-up! Superior products, and high class machines! No wonder why there are a lot of counterfeited products out there.

Beware of fake products!

Support Biotouch Philippines!"

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Sugar Edaño

"Legit products, caring people. Not only concern with their business but with their students’ growth and models’ satisfaction as well."

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I-yen Faller Barboza

"They do take good care of their students and customers. Love and passion for what they do that you'll seldom see from others."

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Jay-Jay Macahia

"Biotouch is truly an amazing company that values and care for each and everyone of their clients and students! The atmosphere at Biotouch feels very cozy and warm as if you were surrounded with your family.

I am truly grateful to get to know Biotouch Academy!"

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Sandra Juengling
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